2nd July 2015 | London, UK

YieldCon is the first conference completely focused on the opportunities for the yieldco model in Europe´s renewable energy market. 

With the attendance of institutional investors, financiers, analysts, IPPs, energy utilities, project developers and  other stakeholders, this is your chance to learn and discuss yieldcos with the top of the industry.

YieldCon is a follow-up event to last years' successful Solar Secondary Markets Europe, a conference completely focusing around the dynamics, trade, investment and portfolio management of commissioned solar power plants. 

What are YieldCos and how do they work?  Why are they attractive from an investment and finance perspective? And which companies can use the YieldCo model? How can the American experience be applied to the European market? 

These questions among many others will be answered at YieldCon, the first renewable energy YieldCos conference on the 2nd of July 2015 in London. 

For more information visit the website: www.yieldcon.com

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