Zoox was born to create better opportunities and clearer pathways for passionate individuals who want to fast track their career in marine conservation, while simultaneously supporting high-impact conservation projects by filling a previously unexplored niche. While there are a wide variety of volunteer conservation programmes not all are able to provide their volunteers with the right experience to act as a springboard into a career.

Zoox's Directors worked closely with the leading marine science universities in the UK, speaking to the careers advisors and professors. They quizzed the leading employers within the sector and spoke to many graduates and people on their journey from education to employment. The answer we found was that while an academic qualification is a necessary building block in professional development, graduates lack vital practical skills and knowledge for employment and volunteer work.

Through the Zoox Experience Programme, Diver and Conservation Training and One Day Training courses, Zoox offers a globally unique professional development service that enables those with an interest in marine conservation to develop the skills they need to successfully jump-start a career in the field.


Zoox Experience Programme
Diver and Conservation Training Course
One Day Training Course

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